Nanomagnetism & Oxides Laboratory
Techniques and equipements
We possess and developp seral tools and facilities at LNO:

Thin layers and nanoparticles growth and bulk crystals 
- UHV MBE oxide deposition (AO-MBE) 
- PLD fs 
- cristal growth
- sputtering of GMR and TMR
- Aqueous chemical growth (ACG)
- others

Ferroic imaging  

Dynamics : Microwaves and Optics 
- 2d harmonics
- magnetic resonance

Other Characterizations
- Magnetometry Platform
- X-ray techniques 
- Magnetic sensors characterization platform (UBM, etc…) 
- Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization 
- Multi-Ferroïc measurement bench (BANCMULTI) 
- Water Splitting and Impedance Spectroscopy experiment