Nanomagnetism & Oxides Laboratory
People: G. Jasmin-Lebras (permanent staff), M. Giraud (PhD), F.D. Delapierre (Postdoc), C. Fermon (Permament staff)
Collaborations: CEA/SPI/LERI
Fundings: Internal CEA (Programme Transverse Technosanté, PTC détection et instrumentation), DIM Elicit 

Detection of cells and bacteria through magnetic labelling 

Specific magnetic labelling of biological objects of interest like cells (e.g. cancer, stem), bacteria or proteins allow a very accurate detection of their presence in a liquid. Through a collaboration with a CEA laboratory specialized in immunology, we are developing 2 approaches: (i) a first one based on a dynamic detection of the objects in a microfluidic channel surrounded with very sensitive magnetic sensors and (ii) a second one based on the local measurement of the susceptibility of a test strip which gives a much higher sensitivity than classical optical reading.