Nanomagnetism & Oxides Laboratory
Sensors for automotive
People: Claude Fermon, Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur, Aurélie Solignac
Collaborations: Crivasense Technologies, Allegro Microsystems

Magnetic sensors for consumer applications 
In the framework of a collaboration with Allegro Microsystems, a world leader in magnetic sensors for automotive and consumer applications, CEA has been involved in the founding of Crivasense Technologies (CST) in December 2014. CST is devoted to R&D activities on spin electronics technology. A common lab has been launched between CEA and CST involving researchers from LNO and engineers and technicians from CST to develop various magnetic sensors for speed, position, current, pressure and angle measurements. CST staff benefits from the clean room, deposition tools and characterization equipment. Several CST equipments have been installed at SPEC with a shared use between CST and SPEC (Rotaris deposition system, oven for annealing under field, CIPT…). Several products have already been transferred to a 200mm new production line of Allegro Microsystems, such as a 5A current sensor or speed sensors.