Nanomagnetism & Oxides Laboratory
Currents circulating in excitable cells like neurons or nerve fibers may be measured by the radiated magnetic field. At the organ level, these magnetic fields can be detected using highly sensitive magnetometers such as SQUIDS, atomic magnetometers or mixed sensors. To understand the genesis of the signals obtained in brain areas, it is relevant to investigate the fields generated at the level of one or few cells. This requires small and sensitive field sensors, operating at physiological temperatures integrated in small needles, which has long been out of reach from existing technologies. We have designed and fabricated spin electronics-based magnetic sensors called magnetrodes to probe locally the information transmission of excitable cells. We have achieved the first experimental demonstration of local recordings of action potential in a muscle and of local field potential in vivo in the cat’s visual cortex.
Contact : Myriam Pannetier Lecoeur
Participants : Chloé Chopin, Jacob Torrejon-Diaz, Claude Fermon.
Fundings: PRCI NeuroTMR, EC project Magnetrodes
Collaborations: ESI Frankfurt, Neurospin CEA